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November 7-10, 2004
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL

For more information contact
Ed Leach
(480) 705-8200 x233

Hosted By:
Santa Fe Community College
With Support From:
Hillsborough Community College
St. Petersburg College

Future Conference Dates:

October 23-26, 2005
Wyndham Anatole, Dallas, TX


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Presenter Information

Dear 2004 CIT Presenter, thank you for agreeing to present at the League for Innovation's 21st annual Conference on Information Technology. You are a part of an impressive program of speakers whom we are confident will be well received.

As you know, conference presentations are an excellent way to communicate ideas to colleagues. As a service to conference participants and to our membership, we would like to make your presentation available through our Innovation Stream (iStream), the League's online resource bank and learning community. The publications, presentations, and other resources available through iStream aim to revolutionize professional development in higher education. Additional information about iStream, including how your college can become a subscriber, can be found here.

Presenters can use PowerPoint to create slides for their presentations and import the PowerPoint presentations into Microsoft Producer to create media-rich presentations. The final result is a powerful presentation that can be delivered through iStream to provide a wealth of information and ideas for college leaders, managers, staff, and faculty. If your presentation is appropriate for recording (i.e. it is not highly interactive, does not include a large amount of small group discussion, is not lab based), we encourage you to use Microsoft Producer to add audio and/or video to your PowerPoint slides and bring the recorded presentation to the conference.

Conference participants who would like for their presentation to be distributed through iStream should record their presentation using Microsoft Producer prior to arriving at the conference and deliver the finished product to Speaker Support, located in the Second Floor Lower Lobby at the Tampa Convention Center. It is important that presentations be recorded before the conference. Because the recording of presentations will occur prior to arriving at the conference and will not be edited, please give careful thought to your presentation design and content before beginning your recording session. The League for Innovation reserves the right to refuse to accept recorded presentations.

Microsoft Producer 2003 is available for free to licensed users of PowerPoint 2002 and 2003. Licensing is covered under your Microsoft Office 2003 Editions or Microsoft Office XP End-User License Agreement. For information about downloading Microsoft Producer, as well as FAQs, demos and samples, and tutorials, please visit here.

Conference participants who agree to have their presentations distributed through iStream must sign and submit an Assignment and Consent to Publication Agreement. An Agreement must be signed and submitted for each individual participating in recorded presentations. An Assignment and Consent to Publication Agreement can be downloaded here.

It is our hope to include your presentation(s) on iStream. We want iStream to be the premier professional development tool for faculty, staff, and administrators, and we believe your presentation will enhance and support this goal.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Tampa!


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