2003 CIT Special Sessions

An Orientation: Getting the Most from the Conference on Information Technology
Sherry Bishop
, Instructor, Business and Technology; Rick Williams, Director, Microcomputer Services, North Arkansas College, AR

Campus Computing 2003: The National Survey of Computing and Information Technology in American Higher Education
Kenneth Green
, Founder/Director, Campus Computing Survey, Claremont Graduate University, CA

A President's View of Technology That Works
Darnell Cole
, President, Milwaukee Area Technical College, WI

Preparing Students for a Nanotechnology Future
Steve Vetter
, President, Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc., MN

Effective Technology Leadership Strategies for Community Colleges
Ron Bleed
, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology, Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ; Brian Hawkins, President, EDUCAUSE, CO

Nanotechnology: How to Get Started!
Bill Laney
, Director, Program Development, Salt Lake Community College, UT; Peter Saflund, Associate Director, National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, Bellevue Community College, WA; Elaine Johnson, Director, Bio-Link, City College of San Francisco, CA; Karen Halvorson, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Dakota County Technical College, MN; Paul Hallacher, Director, Research Program Development, Pennsylvania State University, PA

Some Assembly Required: Building Active Pedagogies with Sharable Content Objects
Judy Brown
, Executive Director; David Hatfield, Assistant Director, Academic Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab, WI

MIT OpenCourseWare: A New Model for Open Sharing
Anne Margulies, Executive Director, MIT OpenCourseWare; Jon Paul Potts, Communications Manager, MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

The Savvy Cyber Professor: Infusing 21st Century Instructional Tools Into Community College Courses
Joshua Baron
, Associate Director, Instructional Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ; Marie Nock, Director, College Training and Development, Miami-Dade Community College, FL; Cheri St. Arnauld, Director, National Association of Community College Teachers, Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ

A Learning-Centered Ph.D. for Community College Leaders
Terry O’Banion
, President Emeritus, Senior League Fellow, League for Innovation in the Community College, CA; Jonathan Kaplan, Vice President, Undergraduate Programs, Walden University, MD

Moving Business Processes to the Internet: The Impact and Benefit for Higher Education
Kevin Horigan
, General Manager, Education and Government Divisions, PeopleSoft, MD; Don Doucette, Vice Chancellor, Education and Technology, Metropolitan Community Colleges, MO; Jon Hesseldenz, Vice President, Information Technology, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, KY

Access to Teacher Education: Online Academic Advising and Professional Development
Judith Skyllingstad
, Professor, Child and Family Education; Mary Connolly, Professor, Child and Family Education, Sinclair Community College, OH

Development of a Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Curriculum
Deb Newberry
, President, Newberry Technologies, MN; Karen Halvorson, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Dakota County Technical College, MN; Jeffrey Morris, President and Founder, Project Universe

Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute Closes the IT Instructional Gap
Lynn Barnett
, Vice President, Academic, Student, and Community Development, American Association of Community Colleges, MD; Duncan Burgess, Director, Educator-to-Educator, National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, Bellevue Community College, WA; Ann Beheler, Dean, Engineering Technology, Colin County Community College, TX

Using Critical Success Factors to Bridge Your Institution's Digital Divide
Russ Griffith, President and CEO, Datatel, Inc., VA; Lenardo de la Garza, Chancellor, Tarrant County College District, TX