The Savvy Cyber Professor: Infusing 21st Century Instructional Tools Into Community College Courses
This session focuses on a professional development program that engages faculty in unique and compelling internet applications to create dynamic and interactive teaching and learning environments through use of real-world data and global telecollaboration projects. The presenters also address how providing preservice K-12 teachers with high quality math, science, and engineering coursework has far-reaching implications for improving education. This session is particularly designed for community college mathematics and science faculty and administrators, but faculty members from other disciplines will reap considerable value from attending as well.
Joshua Baron, Associate Director, Instructional Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ; Marie Nock, Director, College Training and Development, Miami-Dade Community College, FL; Cheri St. Arnauld, Director, National Association of Community College Teachers, Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ