Nanotechnology: How to Get Started!
A panel of leading experts provides a strategic overview for colleges that are starting or thinking about starting a nanotechnology program. Come and learn about current best practices in program design and implementation, including the exemplary NSF Penn State University-community college nanofabrication partnership. Session participants explore opportunities and models for building business and education partnerships for starting programs in nanofabrication or nanobiotechnology. Analytical tools useful for targeting your program to workforce needs in your region are also provided and discussed.
Bill Laney, Director, Program Development, Salt Lake Community College, UT; Peter Saflund, Associate Director, National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, Bellevue Community College, WA; Elaine Johnson, Director, Bio-Link, City College of San Francisco, CA; Karen Halvorson, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Dakota County Technical College, MN; Paul Hallacher, Director, Research Program Development, Pennsylvania State University, PA