Helping Students Live Free in a Digital Democracy

This panel keynote moderated by Mark David Milliron features community college leaders in a conversation about the role of community colleges in a digital democracy--a society increasingly connected, persuaded, and tracked by technology, while still emphasizing individual freedom of choice. The panelists argue that in a world where marketers can analyze our every shopping habit, hate groups can manipulate and connect online with the loneliest of souls, terrorist groups can leverage technology to recruit and spread their evil, and political forces can use e-tools to target messages like never before, our students need our help. They need our help not only to earn well, but also to learn well, so they can live well. The panelists discuss strategies for outfitting community colleges to catalyze students' learning about how to use technology and how not to be used by it or through it. Their ability to live free in a Digital Democracy lies in the balance.