Executive Leadership Institute
2014 Executive Leadership Institute

DECEMBER 7-12, 2014
Arizona Biltmore
Phoenix, Arizona

League for Innovation in the Community College

2014 ELI Application

There are several ways to apply

  • Email / Fax / Mail Application: Print application form and send it via
    • email to mears@league.org
    • fax to (480) 705-8201
    • mail to Patty Mears, ELI 2014, League for Innovation, 1333 S. Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210, Chandler, AZ 85286
  • Online Application: Online application is available through July 31, 2014.

    You will not be able to return to your document prior to submission. We recommend that you review the application in its entirety and gather all of your materials prior to completing the form. To avoid losing data, it is recommended that you:

    1. complete this section using other text editor (such as MS Word, NotePad, etc.)
    2. save a copy of the statement to your local computer
    3. copy and paste the statement in the answer field
ELI • Executive Leadership Institute • (480) 705-8200, x226