Each year, Track One focuses on emerging technology believed to be of particular interest to educators. For the 2008 CIT, the special focus of Track One is Web 2.0 and Its Implication for Community Colleges. The constellation of web applications referred to as Web 2.0 influences the way many of our students live and work. However, the use of these technologies also creates new challenges and raises many questions about their impact on student learning and institutional management. Do these tools provide more meaningful experiences and better educational outcomes than traditional methods? Have faculty and staff found these technologies useful for collaborating with colleagues? Does Web 2.0 create new security vulnerabilities or require new safeguards? Proposals targeted toward these or other questions related to Web 2.0 are strongly encouraged. Although Web 2.0 and Its Implication for Community Colleges is the special focus of the 2008 CIT, other proposal topics are also strongly encouraged.