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  1. Default iStream - Resource and Tool Access

    Hi GIECP participants!

    A large part of the GIECP project participant benefits include having access to the League’s online repository – iStream – which contains historical archives dating back 40 years. There are over 200,000 pieces of resources and tools, available 24/7. These resources and tools where created by and for the community colleges and higher education, however they also have a broader reach. As a GIECP project participant, your ENTIRE institution has access to it all. Each of the participating schools have been set up with an Institutional iStream account. With that, each person at the school will need to register for an individual account.

    Here’s how:

    Go to http://www.league.org/istream
    Click on "Create Your Account"
    Select your school from the drop-down menu
    Enter your first/last name and institutional email address
    Click "Submit"
    A confirmation email will be sent to you with further instructions for logging in and creating your password.

    If you do not have an institutional email address, please contact me. I will need to manually create your account.

    During this project, you will also be encouraged to share information about projects and programs you are working on at your school. We will then post this information to iStream for others to use as resources. If you already have something you would like to share/post, please contact me directly.

    As project leads and primary contacts at your school for GIECP, please take the time to distribute this information throughout your school.

    If you have questions, comments, and/or suggestions, feel free to let me know.

    Warm regards,
    480-705-8200 x228
    Last edited by Cheri Jessup; 01-10-2012 at 09:32 AM.

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