Below are some questions to initiate dialogue and information exchange among League Board College International Program Directors and Leaders...Please respond directly to the forum to share your program updates, strategic plans, and college innovations.

1. What is the general climate regarding international programs at your institution? What indicators – or lack thereof - from your CEO and/or Board of Trustees or others create this climate?

2. Consider the private sector entities in your service delivery area that have international roots or reach. Are they engaged in any international program initiatives at your institution? If so, how? If not, can you think of ways to pull them in?

3. Does your institution have an internationalization strategy? If so, is it comprehensive or limited to just the international programs office? If not, what types of obstacles might you run into in establishing one, or what type of support do you need to begin working on one? (For example – do you need to begin with defining Internationalization as it relates to your mission?)

4. Are you aware of the faculty, staff, and administrators at your institution who are either not from the U.S., have studied abroad, travel internationally, speak another language, or host international students, or just understand the value of cross cultural competencies? Is “international experience” ever listed as a desired or preferred trait in the hiring guidelines at your institution? To further the agenda, you will need champions in all departments and divisions. How do/will you identify them?

5. Does your institution’s mission statement state or imply that you are preparing students to be competitive in today’s (or the global) workforce? If so, how is your progress toward this measured? If not, how are you working on changing that!