View Full Version : Welcome to International Education Program Directors & Leaders

Stella Perez
10-08-2011, 02:39 PM
The League for Innovation welcomes new and innovative ways to serve League Board Colleges through outreach, dissemination, and collaboration. The League Board Representatives expressed great interest in creating dialogue, communication exchange, and opportunities to connect the International Program Directors and leadership among our 19 League Board Colleges.
After reviewing this "Welcome Message", please respond to the series of questions posted by Carol Stax Brown, President, Community College International Development (CCID), and join this unique community of League Board Colleges sharing the latest global topics, collaborative interests, new student developments, challenges, benefits, and innovations.
If you have any questions please visit the "FAQ" tab above or contact me directly at perez@league.org.
We look forward to buiding a community of International Program Leaders and sharing new innovations for global connections and successful outcomes.
Best Regards,
Stella Perez, COO & Exec. Vice-President
League for Innovation in the Community College